On reimagining prayer, part 3

I’m wrapping up my thoughts today over at Godspace. I’d love to hear your feedback! : )


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I'm Lisa: Christ-worshiper, writer, kitty-mama and wannabe saint (with a long way to go). Trying to stay on the path and appreciate the beauty...with daily thanksgiving. Trying to listen for His song and sing along...and loving every note.
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4 Responses to On reimagining prayer, part 3

  1. Shannon says:

    I loved all your posts on prayer, Lisa. It is exactly how I think prayer ought to be… just being with God, throughout the day, praying out loud, in your head, with a song, with a dance; yelling when you’re angry, crying when you’re sad, laughing with Him when you are so happy, thanking Him and praising Him in the good times and even through the bad. I think I learned this as a child, how to pray, and I don’t even really know how…but I used to talk “to myself” at bedtime, I’d just lay in bed and talk about my day, about my problems, etc. and finally I realized, I wasn’t talking to myself, i was talking to God – I was PRAYING! 🙂 🙂 and that is how i’ve viewed it ever since. being “real” with Him. you can’t fake out God. He can’t be fooled. He sees and hears everything you do and say and think! 🙂 and tho that is scary at times…. it’s life in this imperfect world, inside our imperfect bodies and minds and hearts. and God knows already, so why try and hide it from him? We just have to keep remembering to ask for his help. what better way than just to talk to him, all day long?

    This all reminded me of a very specific time I prayed, a very desperate prayer, and it was actually inspired by something you told me. We were talking, and I was in a very bad place, and I told you some of it, but you told me things that God was laying on your heart to tell me, that were dead-on with what I was going through, and i hadn’t even told you that much detail. It blew me away. And then you told me about a prayer you prayed once…. and how God answered it. I knew immediately I had to pray that same prayer. So when I got off the phone, I prayed, very specifically, and God answered, in a very unexpected way. and I know some people would say that wasn’t God’s answer. But I believe it was. He is God and He does things the way He wants, because He knows us intimately and individually, and He knows what will get our complete attention. He knew how to get mine, for sure! 🙂 and i’m so grateful for that talk we had, all those years ago. And for that one very specific prayer that you helped me pray.

    • Shannon, what a lovely comment–thank you! I am SO grateful that God has used me to speak into your life, because He has used you to speak into mine! I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but years ago when we were both at Valley’s youth group, your faith was so inspiring to me. I was newly “back” in my walk with God and although you were young at the time, you always spoke of Him with such confidence and intimacy, and that was so inspiring to me. You made me think that it was possible to have a relationship with God–a radical thought for a chick who’d come from a rather straitlaced denomination where such a thing was never mentioned. So thank you!! 😀 Your faith is inspiring!

  2. Shannon says:

    I never knew, Lisa! 🙂 I’m glad I could be of inspiration to you, as well 🙂 I can hardly picture myself back then… I’ve fallen such a great distance since those days 😦 but i know God has been with me the whole time…. and He has never left me. Thanks for your writings, they are inspiring to me!

  3. Dear girl, you haven’t fallen. Not an inch. You’re just taking a different path than you expected, that’s all. And isn’t it wonderful how God never leaves us, even when we think we’ve disappointed Him? We can’t! He already knows how badly we’re going to blow it, but He loves us anyway. 🙂 Your life is a wonderful testimony to the furious love of God even when things don’t go exactly as the ‘church’ might expect…or ordain. 😉 One of these days I’ll do a blog post comparing how God loves with how the church loves…and I’ll probably lose some readers. 😉

    Sweetie, I want to share one of my favorite songs with you. It’s called “Outcast” by Kerrie Roberts and you can find it on YouTube. I think she wrote it for me but you’ll like it too, I suspect. 😀

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