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On the music from a misshapen mesquite

The insistent whine of a chain saw penetrates my morning. It stormed here last night, something I always love but last night I slept through it all and when I stepped out on the balcony first thing after rising, I … Continue reading

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On Miss Scarlett and Psalm 27

I really did want to be Melanie Hamilton. In spite of her earning the jealous wrath of Scarlett O’Hara (this is all from Gone With the Wind, of course) and unknowingly earning epithets like “mealy-mouthed ninny,” Miss Melly impressed me … Continue reading

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“Cornerstone” by Hillsong

We did an amazing new song this morning during worship. It’s a great remake of an old hymn. Still can’t get through it without crying. : )

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On labyrinths and finding the way

I recently spent a day with God in a quiet place. This year has been difficult and full of changes and I know more are coming but right now I cannot see my way. So I spent time praying in … Continue reading

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On the chicken wars

Today I am weary and I just want to rest my head on Jesus’ shoulder. And I am second-guessing this blog post as I second-guess every post. We have started an Uncivil War in this country. Or, as Billy Joel … Continue reading

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