On procrastination and the genius of fellow bloggers

No, I haven’t written in quite awhile. My life is in a rather odd space and I’m praying and working on making sense of it. In addition, everything I write right now seems rather opinionated or angry or like I’m jumping into the deep end on some topic of which I don’t feel I have sufficient understanding. So I’m taking a pass for the time being.

Occasionally I run across a really terrific blog post that I would like to share with you, and this is one of ’em. This has some heavy stuff in it, though: language, abuse triggers and Breaking Bad spoilers. 


About lisa@diggingformyrrh

I'm Lisa: Christ-worshiper, writer, kitty-mama and wannabe saint (with a long way to go). Trying to stay on the path and appreciate the beauty...with daily thanksgiving. Trying to listen for His song and sing along...and loving every note.
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