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I'm Lisa: Christ-worshiper, writer, kitty-mama and wannabe saint (with a long way to go). Trying to stay on the path and appreciate the beauty...with daily thanksgiving. Trying to listen for His song and sing along...and loving every note.

On procrastination and the genius of fellow bloggers No, I haven’t written in quite awhile. My life is in a rather odd space and I’m praying and working on making sense of it. In addition, everything I write right now … Continue reading

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On feminism, fear and the violation of silence

So I guess I’m a feminist. Not in any kind of, “I hate men and I think they should be relegated to the back of the bus” sense, but more in a, “I love men but I don’t get why … Continue reading

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On trust and watching sparrows fall

The birds found my feeder again today. I put up the feeder some time ago and filled it with millet and seeds and all kinds of things birds like, and I waited. I thought it might ease Niff’s boredom to … Continue reading

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On words and working and walking with a limp

One word. And then another. They come slowly, haltingly; a bit like how my walk with God feels right now. One step. And then another. Cautious; careful, yet hopeful. And knowing that truly, there is only one direction to walk. … Continue reading

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On fish sticks and running away

I haven’t written much lately and there’s an embarrassing reason for that. I am typing this one-handed, woefully slowly. On a related note, and as my mother will attest, I hate fish sticks. When I was a kid, every once … Continue reading

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On evil and other myths

[Warning: this one is heavy. I wrote this back in February. I haven’t posted it because it’s a tough read. But the TVPRA (Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act) is coming before the Senate, and I think it’s important to illustrate … Continue reading

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On the music from a misshapen mesquite

The insistent whine of a chain saw penetrates my morning. It stormed here last night, something I always love but last night I slept through it all and when I stepped out on the balcony first thing after rising, I … Continue reading

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