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On procrastination and the genius of fellow bloggers No, I haven’t written in quite awhile. My life is in a rather odd space and I’m praying and working on making sense of it. In addition, everything I write right now … Continue reading

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On feminism, fear and the violation of silence

So I guess I’m a feminist. Not in any kind of, “I hate men and I think they should be relegated to the back of the bus” sense, but more in a, “I love men but I don’t get why … Continue reading

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On fish sticks and running away

I haven’t written much lately and there’s an embarrassing reason for that. I am typing this one-handed, woefully slowly. On a related note, and as my mother will attest, I hate fish sticks. When I was a kid, every once … Continue reading

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On evil and other myths

[Warning: this one is heavy. I wrote this back in February. I haven’t posted it because it’s a tough read. But the TVPRA (Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act) is coming before the Senate, and I think it’s important to illustrate … Continue reading

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On Miss Scarlett and Psalm 27

I really did want to be Melanie Hamilton. In spite of her earning the jealous wrath of Scarlett O’Hara (this is all from Gone With the Wind, of course) and unknowingly earning epithets like “mealy-mouthed ninny,” Miss Melly impressed me … Continue reading

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“Cornerstone” by Hillsong

We did an amazing new song this morning during worship. It’s a great remake of an old hymn. Still can’t get through it without crying. : )

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On labyrinths and finding the way

I recently spent a day with God in a quiet place. This year has been difficult and full of changes and I know more are coming but right now I cannot see my way. So I spent time praying in … Continue reading

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